A Holiday to Remember – Kerala Tour


Kerala, known for the coconut, backwaters and spices, is located on the shore of Arabian Sea and is surrounded by the hills. Due to its exceptional beauty, it attracts a number of visitors every year from all over the world. It is believed that Kerala is blessed with God’s grace as the place has a bountiful natural and scenic beauty. Unusual and interesting flora and fauna, enchanted backwater tours, splendid and gleaming beaches and outstanding and incomparable greenery makes Kerala the most preferred tourist place in South India. The palm fringed beaches with silver sand and a deep blue sea at one end is a scene to die for.

Kerala has all those qualities which are important to make any place a world wide famous tourist spot. The place has a capability to offer such pleasant and enjoyable moments which will remain forever in the heart of its tourists. In fact, the place has proved that it has something more than the expectations of the tourists. Kerala is also blessed with beautiful beaches and these beaches offer various beach activities and water sports like rafting, paragliding, water bike etc. Other beach activities includes beach surfing where you can go for a walk with your loved ones. The heavenly view of these beaches and miraculous flora and fauna of the place makes the environment more breath taking.

Backwaters are one most unique and superb experience you can have in kerala. This backwater activity will make your, Kerela Tours very special. Sailing along the blue water in the local house boat known as Kettuvellam will give you a chance to peep in to the rural life of the state. And then what to say about the hill stations of Kerala. Although the state has many places famous as the beautiful hill stations but Munnar is one place which has exceptional and eye catching beauty. The hills with wooded forest and extensive and rambling tea gardens enhance the beauty of the hill station. Apart from this, the stimulating, refreshing and revitalizing springs and waterfalls makes the view enchanted. The whole place is best for the nature lover and honeymoon couples. You can go for a walk to the tea gardens having a fragrance of tea filled in the cool breeze. Kerala offers you a lot of sparkling and marvelous views which can take your heart away.

Apart from this unruffled beauty, Kerala offers you to feel the magical treatment for your mind, body and soul. Kerala is famous for many Ayurvedic treatment and massages. These all treatments and massages are done with pure natural herbs, as the Kerala is the hub of herbs and spices. This ayurvedic treatment of your whole body rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. We all need a relaxation and rejuvenation from this running modern life. The best time to go for this ayurvedic treatment is monsoon. This extremely herbal, natural and pure treatment helps you to get rid of all the toxins from your body. You can feel the magic of pure herbs. Kerala is the only place in India which has these techniques of natural ayurvedic treatment and it attracts a number of tourists every year all over the world. Due to its various properties as a perfect tourist spot, the number of tourists visiting the Kerala is increasing day by day.


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