Apple Introduces The Apple Watch Ultra With Extreme Features


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The Apple Watch Ultra is right here to stay so make way for the toughest, most rugged, high-end smartwatch that has now been officially unveiled by Apple despite rumour of it for over a year. The smartwatch debuts a new style with a larger display, especially for outdoor activities and adventures.

Apple Watch Ultra comes with a 49mm titanium case, redesigned digital crown, a new Action button, and a new button guard that appears on the side. Workouts, compass waypoints, and a new backtrack feature are just a few of the customizable possibilities for the Action button. The display is 2,000 nits brilliant and made of sapphire crystal. For outdoor sportsmen, it is very important that the buttons and crowns function with gloves. Three built-in microphones enhance audio clarity while lowering background noise like the wind.

A profile of Apple Watch Ultra displays the international orange Action button as well as an orange band.

A single charge of the Ultra watch could last users up to 36 hours and offers cellular capabilities. Additionally, it features a 60-hour battery life when using a low-power setting that just got introduced. You can still use GPS and heart rate tracking in such a mode. According to Apple, the Ultra has sufficient battery life for the majority of users to finish a long-course triathlon, which requires competitors to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run a full 26.2-mile marathon.

The Ultra also features enhanced multiband GPS, including the new L5 frequency. It’s a feature that is currently only found on fitness watches like Garmins and Coro. Additionally, it contains a trackback function that enables users to go back and retrace their steps in case they are unintentionally disconnected from the network. In watchOS 9, the Compass app has been updated to include Compass Waypoints, allowing users to identify points of interest on a map. The Action button, however, also enables triathletes to go from one leg of a race to the next ( like switching from swimming to running). Coming later this year will be an auto-detect that detects when athletes arrive at tracks. Additionally, it features an 86-decibel siren to aid others to find your location.

Photo of a wrist covered in dirt, with the Apple Watch Ultra displaying a compass.

The Apple Watch Ultra also is WR-100 water resistant — and it has an automatic built-in depth gauge. It’s also EN13319 certified, which means you can use it as a dive computer, allowing for dives up to 40 meters deep. For scuba divers and recreational users, it also offers a brand-new Oceanic Plus app. In case when underwater, the new depth app is immediately started to capture and display the time, depth, and temperature.

Three Apple Watch Ultra devices are shown from behind to feature their three different bands, including a gray-and-yellow Trail Loop, orange Alpine Loop, and black Ocean Band.

Alpine, Trail, and Ocean are the three new bands and are designed to withstand “long runs, hard falls, and rippling currents” and are tailored to various settings. The Trail loop is made of thin material and is intended for runners. It has a tab that makes it simple to modify the fit. The Alpine Loop includes two layers of high-strength yarn that are connected by a G-hook fastening to offer adjustability and security. While the Ocean band expands and makes use of a tubular shape for a better fit, it is made specifically for water sports.

Image showing the Apple Watch with the watch face in red.

For a less unpleasant visual experience at night, users can switch on “night mode.” In Apple’s smartwatch history, the Apple Watch Ultra ushers a brand new era with its rugged features and ability. Apple Watches have thus far been more multipurpose devices with fantastic connectivity, clever functions, and sophisticated health warnings. But the Ultra is a sophisticated fitness-focused device aimed at matching Polar and Garmin.

Apple Watch Ultra: A more rugged Apple Watch is finally here

Apple Watch debuts at a time when the Android landscape is rapidly evolving. Google is introducing its first smartwatch, Samsung has just released a pro watch, and certain Wear OS 2 watches will receive a Wear OS 3 update this fall. When you take that into account, it seems intentional that Apple is currently launching a new wearable device. The Apple Watch Ultra will cost $799, starting on September 23.


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