Apple’s RealityOS For Rumored Headset Surface In Trademark Filling

Apple's rumoured 'RealityOS' for augmented reality glasses appears in legal  filing | The Independent

Apple is reportedly using the name RealityOS for the operating system for its rumored virtual and augmented reality headset. The name appeared in a trademark filling and was first spotted by a consumer product manager by the name of Parker Ortolani. The product manager has since taken to Twitter to share the discovery. The report says the name has been filed by an unknown company with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the “peripherals, software, and wearable computer hardware categories.” Bloomberg News was the first to report the “reality operating system” branding back in 2017, and references to the name have appeared in Apple’s software.

Although the report says the trademark application has not been officially filed by Apple, it’s usually a common practice for large companies to file for trademarks under the disguise of an unknown company like Realityo Systems LLC, in the state of Delaware for the sole purpose of maintaining anonymity. The company doesn’t appear to have any public presence and reports say that Apple has once tried the same approach in the past. 9to5Mac reportedly recalls how Apple used a shell company with the name “Yosemite Research LLC” to register macOS update names like Yosemite, Big Sur, and Monterey. However, something interesting worthy of note is that both Realityo Systems LLC and Yosemite Research LLC are registered at the same address. This clearly suggests Apple’s involvement.

According to Bloomberg reports, the trademark application suggests that technology giant -Apple might sound make an announcement about its long-rumored reality headset. This follows a previous report earlier this month that the company’s board of directors reportedly tried out the wearable device ahead of the launch to the public. Earlier in the year, Bloomberg News suggested that the Apple headset was originally scheduled for release sometime in the latter part of 2022, which would be after announcements at the company’s developer conference, but that could be delayed due to development challenges. A new report says the headset’s release might as well happen later in 2023, says Bloomberg.

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Over the year Apple’s headset has been the source of much speculation amongst Apple lovers. From design to functionality, reports, predictions and rumors, continue to fly, however most of the reports have suggested that Apple headset will debut with a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, thereby immersing users in virtual content as well as layering virtual elements over real world environments.

The trademark filing surfacesjust a few days before Apple kicks off its annual developer conference WWDC starting June 6th, and is listed with deadlines of June 8th. This further suggests that the chances that the headset will be announced at Apple’s keynote are very high. But Bloomberg’s reporter, Mark Gurman pointed out that that the timing of the June 8th date may likely coincide with a key legal deadline that comes six months after trademarks are initialy filed. In a tweet, Gurnman suggest that “Maybe we’ll see it [at WWDC].” however “ the trademark application isn’t evidence of that.” Expectations are very high now and we can’t wait to bring you every dose of what’s coming with Apple. Be sure to stay glued to us for all the juicy gist.


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