Best DAB radios for digital radio listening


Not only is a DAB radio a worthy upgrade, it gives you access to countless more radio stations. Getting one for the house, or to take one on-the-go, can be a great way to enjoy even more of your favourite listening.

We’ve rounded up the best DAB radios out there, each with varying features and advantages. We’ve also included a quick guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of your radio.

Is it worth buying a DAB radio?

DAB radios offer more more radio stations, more reliable signal and better sound quality – so it’s easy to see why they’re becoming popular. Many DAB radios have other useful features too, like headphone jacks or Bluetooth connectivity.

What does DAB radio stand for?

Digital Audio Broadcasting.

What is the difference between DAB and DAB+?

DAB radio is a digitally transmitted form of radio, compared to the analogue FM which relies on radio waves. DAB+ is a a more advanced version of DAB that more-effectively utilises the available bandwidth when sending out radio signals. This allows for more data to be transmitted, providing better signal, higher audio quality and more available radio stations.

Can I upgrade my DAB radio to DAB+?

Not many DAB radios can be upgraded to DAB+. You can add on external connectors that can receive the DAB+ data, but it’s often more affordable and less time-consuming to buy a radio that offers DAB+ compatibility instead.

How to choose the best DAB radio for you

Radios come in many shapes and sizes, so it mostly depends on what you hope to get out of one. For those who listen to all sorts of music, a radio with Bluetooth connectivity might be better suited to you.

For people who tend to enjoy the radio and nothing else, a simpler DAB radio could be better. One with easy-to-use functions and a number of saveable presets could be particularly useful.

Best DAB radios to buy in 2022

Roberts Revival iStream 3L

Roberts Revival iStream

This all-too-familiar radio design has been available on store shelves for over 60 years. Roberts were making radios like these in the 1950s, and they’re now bringing them back for a full revival to keep up with recent technological advancements in audio.

It features FM, DAB and DAB+ radio, as well as being able to connect to your devices for streaming output. There’s built-in access to the big streaming services, too, and you can pair with the speaker via Spotify Connect. It’s a radio that can work as an all-in-one speaker for the home.

The Roberts Revival iStream 3 has been praised for its sound quality, particularly at this price. Reviews often mention that the speaker prioritises midrange audio levels for a rich and warm sound.

The speaker can be powered by mains or batteries, and is available in a range of distinctly-retro colours.

The Roberts Revival range was included in our favourite gifts for music lovers and audiophiles.

Logik LHDR15

Logik LHDR15

The LHDR15 from Logik is a straightforward choice for simple listening, offering FM and DAB radio. 20 presets are able to be set by the user, 10 for FM and 10 for DAB, which is a great way to load up your favourite radio stations with quick access.

It’s mains and battery powered, providing you with portability for when you want to take your radio out and about.

Majority Little Shelford

Little Shelford

There are quite a few features packed into this tiny radio. It has DAB, DAB+ and FM radio, along with Bluetooth connectivity for you to use the radio as a speaker.

The Little Shelford also has an alarm clock, a sleep timer and a headphone jack. It’s a great little device that you can take on the go, or plug in to mains for permanent power.

Ruark Audio R1 MK4

Ruark Audio R1 MK4

This is the fourth iteration of Ruark’s R1 radio, with a new, hand-crafted wooden grille and a sleeker design. The device’s controls are easy to use, with the buttons on top providing everything you need from volume to alarm control.

The MK4 radio uses a real-time clock within the device to make sure that the time is accurate, even when the power is disconnected. There’s an OLED display that shows the time, alarm, and information from the radio station.

There’s a USB port to connect your phone’s audio while it charges, as well as there being Bluetooth connectivity for your devices. DAB, DAB+ and FM are all available for any radio listening.

Sony XDR-S41D

Sony XDR-S41D

With five available presets for DAB and five for FM, this radio from Sony can be a quick and easy way to access your favourite stations. The small LCD display will show you what’s playing, as well as the time and battery level. It also has sleep functions, where you can set it to wake you up or to turn off when you’re dozing off.

Bush Classic Mini

Bush Classic Mini

This compact radio is more in the affordable range, but that doesn’t stop it from having a load of useful features. You have the option for 20 radio station presets, along with an alarm and sleep timer, a kitchen timer, automatic time updates and an aux port and headphone socket.

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe

The Lumie Bodyclock Luxe is both a radio and a bedroom light, designed to function as a body clock to help sleeping patterns. It works by providing gradual light in the morning as a simulated sunrise, introducing your body to a regular wake-up time. You can also set a fading light at bedtime, starting at a low blue and fading through pink, orange and red.

You can wake up to a number of preset sounds or use the device’s DAB+ radio to wake up to.

Roberts Revival Petite

Roberts Revival Petite

The above-mentioned iStream 3 from Roberts is the top of their Revival range, but the Petite is a strong contender considering its significantly-lower price. It carries many of the same features, like Bluetooth connectivity and Roberts’ well-known audio quality. To combat its size, there’s a bass radiator to provide a deeper sound quality.

Pure Evoke C-F6

Pure Evoke C-F6

For a DAB radio with a more substantial audio output, this all-in-one music system carries some serious 3″-wide speakers and a digital amplifier, delivering 20W of sound. The sound system can be connected to your Wi-Fi router to stream the thousands of radio stations available online.

As it’s an all-in-one system, it can be connected to via most devices and audio outputs, with Spotify Connect compatibility for smoother connection.

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