Best drawing tablets to buy in 2022


Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore your creative side, or a professional designer who wants to level up their setup, we’ve put together some of our picks of the best drawing tablets.

From versatile tablets that have many uses beyond drawing to those that specifically cater to illustrating and creating on the go, there’s plenty to choose from for the casual commuting creator or the hardcore art enthusiast.

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Best drawing tablets to buy in 2022

Wacom Intuous Medium Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Medium Drawing Tablet

Whether you want to sketch from scratch, add some colour to a portrait or touch up some photos, this drawing tablet from Wacom can do it all.

Simply connect to your MacBook, PC or Chromebook using Bluetooth and pick up the pen which has a 4k pressure sensitivity to create a realistic paper feel.

There are options to download different software trials so you can experiment with different styles, including their Clip Studio Paint Pro, Boris FX Optics as well as other programs you can download that feature tutorials to improve your skill level.

2021 Apple iPad Pro

2021 Apple iPad Pro on white background

Given the versatility of the iPad as an entertainment tool and social media device, it can be easy to forget it’s an impressive drawing tablet as well.

When paired with their wireless Apple Pencil, you can create detailed drawings thanks to the tilt and pressure sensitivity that allows you to treat it like a real pen in your hand. It also boasts a nearly imperceptible lag which basically means you won’t have to wait for the screen to catch up to your hand.

The 2021 iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display which delivers high brightness and contrast so you can examine your work in high definition.

Huion Kamvas 22 Plus

2020 HUION KAMVAS 22 Plus on white background

Made with anti-glare glass so you can work on your style and view your sketches both outdoors or inside, this drawing tablet from HUION also has a matte finish so you can replicate the natural feel of pencil on paper.

You can connect the drawing pad to Windows, Mac and Chromebook which means not only can you begin working right away with your existing setup, you can also hook up to devices belonging to friends and family to showcase your work.

The included pen is designed to be both nimble and sensitive to help you create lifelike images.

XP-PEN Artist12

XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Graphics Drawing Tablet on white background

Whether you plan on putting together architectural plans or making a portrait of a loved one, the Artist12 tablet can do it all.

It has an HD display to help you see the details of your design, as well as a zoom and scroll function to really take in the specifics and make sure everything looks just right.

The screen has an anti-glare coating that will not only help protect your eyes during long drawing sessions but also means you can take it outside on sunny days to continue your work without the screen losing visibility.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s8+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ on white background

Express your creative side with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and S pen combo. Magnetically clipping to the back of the tablet so you’ll never lose it, the pen has ultra-low latency for a more efficient doodling experience so you can create a series of intricately detailed drawings and practice your penmanship.

The screen is 12.4 inches, which means there’s plenty of display to really get involved with your designs, and 128GB of storage which means you won’t run out of sketch space any time soon.

Artisul M0610 Pro

Artisul M0610Pro on white background

Perfect for beginners who want to get to grips with a design tablet and explore their creative side, the Artisul M0610Pro has a screen that’s 10 by 6 inches and weighs just 540 grams, so it’s ideal for creating on the go.

Boasting 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, you’ll be able to experiment with plenty of different tones and strokes to achieve the effect that works best for you, with a sensitive pen that can be used to doodle, sketch or write.

The tablet has eight keys on the sides which act as shortcuts to make your workflow as efficient as possible, and the device can be paired with Windows, MacOS and Android so you can connect to your existing setup and use tools such as the Adobe suite.

VEIKK A30 Drawing Tablet

VEIKK A30 drawing tablet on white background

Compatible with the likes of Windows, Mac and Android, you’ll be able to link the VEIKK drawing tablet to your device and tap into software from Adobe and Clip Studio to create your next design.

The paired pen doesn’t require any batteries which means there’s no risk of it running out and halting your work mid flow, and has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for a detailed drawing.

It should connect easily to your laptop or desktop through a USB cable so there’s no elaborate setup needed to get to work and it has four touch keys on the sides so you can jump to different settings with ease.

XP-Pen Deco Pro S

XP-Pen Deco Pro S on white background

Made with the professional designer in mind, this efficient tablet has been made for a smooth workflow, with eight shortcut keys and a wheel that will help switch between settings to speedily set up your next design.

It has a wide variety of shades thanks to its 60 degrees of tilt sensitivity which means you can create a deeper and more detailed image, and has a symmetrical interface so can be used whether you’re right or left handed.

With up to 10 hours of battery life, you won’t have to pause your work midway through the day, and it has a handy zoom tool that lets you take a closer look at your work and change your brush size for greater versatility.

There’s even an adjustable brightness setting so you can continue your design whatever time of day or night you prefer to work.

Orsen Toddler Toys Tablet

ORSEN LCCD writing tablet on white background

Get your toddler started young on their journey to become an artist with the Orsen LCD writing tablet. It can be used as either a casual doodling board or as a sensory toy to keep their hands busy and their brains engaged.

The unit itself is made of non-toxic materials so would be safe in the hands of children and as it’s only 8 inches wide will be easy for them to handle as well.

The stylus also clips neatly to the side to make sure it’s not easily lost.

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