Best smart scales to buy for 2022


If your old bathroom scales are simply gathering dust in the corner, and you’re looking for a more detailed report, it may be time for an upgrade. Smart scales, or body fat scales as they’re also called, can help provide a fuller insight into the breakdown of our bodies. Rather than just telling us our overall weight, smart scales can help us learn about our BMI, water percentage, muscle mass and heart rate so you get far more of a breakdown.

Smart scales also allow for a more personalised experience thanks to the addition of apps and multi-user settings – hop on and view graphs of your weigh-ins over time, set yourself targets and make use of special pregnancy and athletic modes. So whether you’re training for your first marathon and want to physically prepare, or just want an easier way to track weight changes over time, they’re a useful and informative bathroom gadget to have around.

We’ve included a mix of brands and price points in our roundup, so you can find a smart scale to match your lifestyle and household’s needs.

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Best smart scales for 2022

Fitbit Aria Air smart scales

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale

A straightforward set of smart scales from the popular fitness brand Fitbit. Open your app, step on the scales for a weigh in, and let everything sync up. Once the data is collected, you can view your BMI and track changes over time through graphs on a dashboard.

If you’ve already got a Fitbit watch or fitness tracker you can keep all of your data together in one place which makes it nice and easy. Track your sleep and exercise on your watch, and sync with the data gathered by the smart scales for an overview. But even without a Fitbit watch, you can still view graphs and set goals through the app, so the extra products are by no means a necessity. We like the simplicity of the design – a sleek and glossy bathroom accessory – and it’s on the more affordable end of the scale too.

Withings Body Cardio smart scales

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scales

Withings is a big name when it comes to smart scales, and the brand offers a few different models so it’s worth checking the specs and deciding which features you’re after before splashing out. This is Withing’s Body Cardio model – the most advanced, and naturally, most expensive. It’s all about your heart’s health. This model can detect your heart rate and inform you of your vascular age – features not all smart scales offer.

Eight users can track their weigh in history with this model, which works well for a large family or shared house. The data from the scales syncs with the user’s phone, through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There’s even a ‘baby mode’ so you can easily track your baby’s weight.

As well as the more advanced cardio elements, these snazzy smart scales let you track your BMI, body fat, muscle mass and water percentage. It’s one for athletes to consider as the app functions as a bit of a coach by recommending achievable goals, and allowing you to set reminders.

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Withings Body smart scales

Withings Body Smart Scale

If you’re not too focused on tracking your heart’s health, Withings’ Body smart scale is half the price, and still packs plenty of desirable techy features. There’s an athlete, pregnancy and baby mode, and again with the ability to recognise eight users, it’s a handy device for the whole household. A bonus Withings has in comparison to some of the other smart scales on offer is the fact the set of scales and your phone can sync through Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth, so you don’t have to be holding your phone for the devices to sync up. Your data should appear in the app automatically.

The scales display a graph of your last eight weigh-ins so you can track progress instantly, even without the app to hand. You can also view a daily weather forecast, and decide whether you really want to go on that run or not, as well as your step count from the previous day.

Too tired to reach for your phone? Hook up to Alexa and check your progress from the sofa.

Tanita Segmental composition scales

Tanita Segmental Composition Scales

Ever wondered what the fat percentage is of your left arm? Or right leg? This set of smart scales from Tanita goes the extra mile and analyses specific body parts. So if you’re after a thorough breakdown, and taking your triathlon training very seriously, this could be a useful tool. You can clearly view the fat percentage and muscle mass breakdown of five different body parts (both arms, legs and torso) after stepping on.

This model also measures water percentage, metabolic age, visceral fat and BMI.

Here’s the fun part – the scales feature hand electrodes (a bit like a rowing machine) so the reading comes to you. No more peering down.

Salter Curve Bluetooth smart analyser

Salter Curve Bathroom Scales

A reliable choice when it comes to scales, whether they’re for your kitchen or your bathroom, Salter is the go-to for many. Its smart analyser isn’t overly flashy whilst offering the fundamentals you’d expect from smart scales, measuring body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI and BMR.

There are eight memory profiles, plus a child and athlete mode, and there’s an app so everyone can keep track. The addition of ‘carpet feet’ allow you to weigh yourself on uneven surfaces.

The curved edges are a welcomed addition, especially if you’re prone to stubbing your toes on sharp edges.

QardioBase 2 body composition scales

Qardio Base2 Smart Scales

To really limit unwanted toe injuries whilst you’re dashing about the bathroom in the morning, opt for a round design. It’s the simplicity and clarity of the user’s name and weight that helps this set of smart scales stand out in terms of design. Just over 2cm thick, and available in both black and white, we love the contemporary look of the QardioBase 2 smart scales.

As well as measuring weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle, water and bone mass, there’s a pregnancy mode for mums-to-be.

If you’re a fan of gadgets that dish out positive reinforcement, you’re in luck. This device rewards you with a smiley face when you’re working on set goals.

Renpho body fat scales

Renpho smart scales

You can learn a lot about your body from the Renpho body fat scales as this model displays 13 different body metrics. Gain an insight into your metabolic age, body protein and skeletal muscle as well as the more typical body weight, BMI and muscle mass. It’s worth noting, the Renpho app works alongside Samsung Health, Apple Health and Google Fit.

As an added bonus, there’s a special feature which lets you weigh your pets (if they’re light enough, and willing to be held) so no family member is left out.

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