Black Friday heaters: the best deals in 2022


It’s that time of the year where your house is likely getting a lot colder, and inevitably the central heating needs to be turned on. However, with rising energy bills, a better option could be to invest in a heater.

If you have a smaller house or flat, or have one room that is especially cold, a space heater could be a cheaper way to deal with a house that just won’t stay warm.

As Black Friday approaches, it is a great time to invest in a heater, with big discounts across retailers on space heaters, portable radiators and generally cheaper alternatives for warming your house.

When is Black Friday?

Mark the date in your calendar, Black Friday is just around the corner. While the sales have been going on throughout November, the official date falls on Friday 25 November.

The sale then continues through the weekend, finishing up on the Monday (known officially as Cyber Monday).

The best Black Friday heater deals

OMISOON heater

© Omisoon

This heater from the brand OMISOON will be a great option for anyone who needs something smaller when it comes to heaters.

Like most heaters, it has an oscillation mechanic, allowing it to rotate 90°. It comes with a timer that you can set up to 24 hours, an LED touch screen and a remote control. The 3 modes allow you to alter temperatures and it even features an overheating protection mechanic.

This Amazon bestseller is currently £20 off, bringing the price down to just £54.

Dreo space heater

© Dreo

Another small space heater, this device from Dreo offers a lot of the same mechanics as the above option from OMISOON. It can rotate on its base, it comes with a remote control, overheating mechanics and a tip-over protection where it will turn off if it falls.

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If you are particularly worried about the bills your space heater will rack up, the energy-saving mode this device offers will be particularly appealing.

With Amazon’s discount, this will only cost you £55, down from its original price of £89.99.

Pro Breeze radiator

© Pro Breeze

Small electric space heaters aren’t the only option. Portable radiators are another way to heat your house. This option from Pro Breeze has been discounted by 21 per cent, now costing £94.99.

It comes with three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. There is a 24-hour timer to allow you to control how long it stays on, and the built-in safety features are offered here too like the above options.

Russell Hobbs PTC heater

© Russell Hobbs

If you would rather have a heater that prioritises style, this Russell Hobbs PTC heater could be a great alternative. It keeps things simple with a couple of power settings and a control for the level of heat it is putting out.

Like most other space heaters, it comes with overheat and anti-tip protection.

In Very’s sale, this heater comes down to just £26, originally costing £49.

Zanussi portable radiator

© Zanussi

Another portable radiator, this device from the brand Zanussi is currently discounted by £15. Now costing £59.99, it is a cheaper alternative to the Pro Breeze above.

It features 3 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, as well as a timer to adjust how long it stays on.

Like all of the other heaters on this list, there are safety features for overheating or tipping over.

Where to shop for Black Friday heater deals


The retailer Very has launched its Black Friday sale. This includes a wide range of deals on devices to heat your house. This includes discounts on small space heaters, covers for your radiators, and savings on larger space heaters to heat your room at a faster pace.


Currys hasn’t gone quite as big as Very when it comes to savings on heaters. However, there are a few solid savings hidden in the company’s large list of heaters. Most of these only save you £10 or so, but there are a few heaters with a considerable reduction in price.


As usual, Amazon has plenty of available deals this Black Friday. Right now, they are discounting plenty of different heaters. Most of these are simple space heaters or oil-filled radiators that use a portable design.

How much energy does a heater use?

The average space heater or smaller heater for your home will use around 2-3kWh.

While that is much less than using the heating in your house, you are only heating one room at a time through this method.

This will pay off if you live in a smaller place, or if you have one room that is particularly cold.

However, if you are looking to heat an entire house, you will be much better off using radiators or in-built heating.

© EujarimPhotography

What is a space heater?

A space heater is very simply designed to be one that can be moved around, heating one room at a time.

Because of this, they tend to be on the smaller side, offering portability over the power to heat an entire home.

This does mean that they use less energy, but you are only able to heat small parts of your home at a time.

Are heaters safe?

A space heater is safe to use as long as you use it carefully.

Some of them use gas and a flame to produce heat and these are the ones you need to be especially careful with.

When using a space heater that utilises a flame, make sure it is on a level, non-flammable surface. It is also best to keep away from flammable surfaces and to always be in the room with it.

Some space heaters include shut-off features that will stop the flame if it falls over or something gets too near to it. Other heaters don’t use flames but instead create heat through electricity. These electric models are often safer and are more likely to include kill switches if they get too hot or are knocked over.

Which retailers will have Black Friday heater deals?

While there will likely be a lot of retailers discounting heaters during the Black Friday sales, the best place to look will be Amazon.

The giant retailer has a tendency to go big during Black Friday, offering discounts on just about every product under the sun. This is likely to include some savings on both small space heaters, as well as larger radiator design heaters.

Along with Amazon, other larger retailers will probably have some Black Friday heater deals. Very, John Lewis and Currys all stock a wide range of heaters. These range from smaller space heaters through to full fireplaces and innovative home warming devices.

Already in the lead-up to Black Friday these retailers have some smaller discounts on these products. As we get nearer to the Black Friday weekend, there is likely to be further reductions in price.

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