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Back in 2003, nobody expected social media would make a huge impact on our lives. Today, thanks to Facebook (now known as Meta),...

Will The Metaverse Change The Recruitment Industry’s Future?

At least as far as popularity and impact go, there’s no contest. The Metaverse takes the cake of the many buzzwords we’ve seen...

Buying These Company Stocks Can Help You Invest In The Metaverse

Image SourceThe Metaverse, a virtual world that allows users perform actions as akin to what they do in the physical world: work, shop,...

Tony Xu, Doordash CEO Joins Meta’s Board Of Directors

The CEO and founder of Doordash, an online food ordering and food delivery platform, Tony Xu has joined the board of directors of...

A Virtual Property Is Such A Big Deal In The New World

The iteration of the internet has been in the news now: We now have augmented virtual reality 3D world infused in our domestic...

The Metaverse Hardware And The Gadgets Of The Future

Meta and the Universe!The iteration of the internet to virtual 3D musings is finally here!But with the coming of Metaverse and its deployment...

A “VR Body Suit” Capable Of Simulating Pain & Pleasure

  The Metaverse is considered one of the topics of conversation amongst many tech enthusiasts today. The metaverse is a vision for a new...

Walmart Is Quietly Going Big On Metaverse With Its Own Crypto And NFTs

One of the world’s biggest retail supermarkets – Walmart has announced plans of repositioning itself for a place in the metaverse space. According...

Ideologies You Need To Know About Web3 And The Metaverse

The terms “metaverse” and “Web3″ have continued to be used interchangeably in techy conversations and presentations. While they both point to a vision...

A Look At The Future Of Web Designing

Image source: pixabay The internet continues developing daily. One of these developments is the Metaverse which has been gaining popularity lately. Websites are no...

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