Five Facts About The Metaverse You Need to Know

Technology has always enabled people to connect and express themselves. As communication became faster, video became a richer way to share experiences. We’ve...

Will The Metaverse Change The Recruitment Industry’s Future?

At least as far as popularity and impact go, there’s no contest. The Metaverse takes the cake of the many buzzwords we’ve seen...

Shanghai Aims To Grow $52 Billion Metaverse Cluster By 2025

Day after day, the concept of the metaverse is gaining momentum rapidly with the emergence of new ideas, technology and devices by various...

34% Of Gamers Are Interested In Using Crypto In The Metaverse

A new survey by Globant (an institutional software developer) reveals that about 34 per cent of gamers are interested in conducting crypto transactions...

Samsung Unveils Virtual Playground ‘Space Tycoon’ On Roblox

Samsung announces the launch of Space Tycoon, a metaverse-based virtual playground built on the Roblox world and. targeted at Gen Zs. In this virtual...

Second Round Of Baby Shark NFTs Set To Roll Out

The much-loved kids’ song “Baby Shark” video is a product of Pinkfong. In November 2020, the kiddies’ song earned the position of the...

Top 10 Metaverse Blockchain Projects To Look Out For In 2022

 Metaverse isn’t a new word to the world again as it has continued to gain more and more traction. Every day the world...

StepVR Releases The World’s First Metaverse Gate

China-based virtual reality company StepVR has just launched a brand new “omnidirectional motion system” for VR. Before now the company has been known...

Amazon Exec Takes A Swipe At Zuckerburg’s Metaverse Fantasy

Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are not looking to catch a break now or anytime soon, every day is a shot at...

Meta Aims To Start Selling Virtual Goods In The Metaverse

The metaverse is catching on and “enablers” such as Meta want to make it possible for people to make money selling virtual goods...

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