Google Finally Announces The Pixel Watch At I/O 2022

Google held its 2022 developer conference today called the Google I/O. The event is one that provides a lot of useful information for...

Google Pixel 7 And Pro Will Be Coming This Fall

The I/O 2022 event couldn’t have ended without Google giving us a glimpse of the next set of its newest smartphones. Google confirms...

Apple Is All Set To Discontinue The iPod After 20 Years

Apple has expressed plans to discontinue the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is said will be the last standing model of the portable...

The NextSense Earbuds From Google To Collect And Analyse Brain Data

The NextSense’s biosensing earbuds from Google’s Alphabet Moonshot factory, is one of the new technological advancement of the tech giant that seeks to...

Latest Leak Of Google’s Pixel Watch Shows Off A Familiar Design

Google’s hardware team has got users looking forward to something, especially with its planned entry into the smartwatch market this year. Rumours about...

New Leak Says These Devices Will Feature Apple New M2

Nine new Macs from Apple featuring its forthcoming M2 processors is currently in the works, according to a revelation by Mark Gurman of...

Samsung Unveils New Mid-range Devices With Expanded Batteries

 At Samsung’s Awesome Galaxy A event has come and gone and a range of powerful midrange phones was delivered by the company.  The...

Samsung Announces Its First QD-OLED TV

At the last CES event, Samsung announced new TVs consumers would come across later in the year. A few weeks after, we’re beginning...

Apple Introduces The iPhone 13 Lineup With Gorgeous Green Finishes

At the Peek Performance event, a virtual event hosted by Apple witnessed the unveiling of new products by Apple. Earlier at the event,...

Apple Introduces The New iPad Air With M1 Chip, Optional 5G And More

At the “Peek Performance” event which took place yesterday, Apple unveiled the new iPad Air. The new device features Apple’s powerful M1 chip, optional 5G...

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AMD Thinks It Can Build A Cheaper Laptop With 10 Hours Of Battery Life

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