Cool Gadgets For College Students


As a college student, you already have a lot going on for you. From going to classes to reading the class lessons, writing essays and assignments to have a social life, coping with it all can be a little tricky. So, anything that will make it easier is worth looking into.

However, being a college student can also mean being on a budget. So, you have to set a limit between getting essential gadgets and not being extravagant on these gadgets.

Lauren Bradshaw, a professional essay writer, researched this topic and came up with some points. And together with expert writing services by CustomWritings, we have put down some cool gadgets suitable for college students.

Note that you do not have to get all the gadgets listed nor the latest versions of the devices; it all depends on your preference and budget.

Wake-Up Light

It is not easy waking up for a morning class or morning duties, especially if you are not a morning person. What is worse is if you dislike how the alarm clock jerks you up from sleep. A wake-up light is a more natural alternative.

The bedside wake-up light imitates the sunlight at the right pace; red-tinted lights slowly turn to white lights. You can also add music or white light for a better effect.

And at night, the wake-up light can function as a night light or bedside lamp.

A Laptop 

A laptop is an essential gadget a student should not do without, especially now that online schoolwork is more prominent. The laptop comes in handy for typing your assignments and school projects.

The laptop is also suitable for researching, saving files, and many unnamed functions.  Also, when it is time to relax, the laptop screen makes watching the Netflix movie more enjoyable.

The specification of the laptop will depend on what you need it for. If you need it for your writing projects and research only, you can go for the basic everyday laptop. But the more intense the work, the more advanced the features.

But in all, ensure you look out for good battery life, light build (for easy movement), and affordability.

Noise Canceling Headsets

Living in the college dorm will mean exposure to all kinds of noise. From loud music sounds to discussions and random noise like people walking down the hallway. You will need a noise-canceling headset to avoid being distracted.

So, when you have that essay deadline to meet, but the noise seems too distracting, just plug in your headsets and get on to work.  You can also add soft music or white noise if you prefer them.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the best gadgets for students who are music lovers, what better way to enjoy it than on a loud booming speaker (it should not be loud enough to cause a nuisance).

Many music lovers testified that when college work weighed them down, jamming to music in their room made college life more bearable.

Suppose you are getting one; go for an affordable one with good battery life and easy Bluetooth connectivity. As a college student living in the dorm, getting a JBL speaker is not advisable because of its noise and expense.

Portable Hard Drive

Whether you have a laptop or not, a hard drive is one of the cool gadgets for college students as it comes in handy when you run out of space on your computer. And it is a suitable backup device for important photos, assignments, videos, and files.  

It is also helpful when you need to share and collect files but do not want to go around with your laptop.

Portable hard drives can come in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variations. You can choose which one suits the size of the files you want to back up.

Amazon Kindle

Preferring hardcover books is all good, but you can not move around with the bulk of the textbooks and notebook anytime you go for classes. And Amazon was kind enough to solve this problem for students.

Kindle contains most of the textbooks you will need in eBook format. And it has lightweight making it possible to transport around. Also, unlike phones and tablets, it has an integrated front light that will not cause eyestrain no matter how long you use it. 

Power Bank or Power Pack

Think of that sad, lonely feeling when you run out of battery; no one ever wants to feel like that, especially when you do not know where you can charge the battery. And it does not get better when you reduce your phone usage to preserve the battery. 

Going around with a portable power bank is a good option, especially when it is time for trips and outings.

To make it better, you can get a power pack. A power pack comes with a battery pack, a micro USB cable, and a four-port USB charger. This is good for when you will have long days at school or going on trips and vacations.


A lamp is one of the most common gadgets for students to own. It is so essential that it seems too obvious to mention. Every college student needs a bedside or reading lamp for the dark winter periods and light-out moments.

Also, the American Psychological Association (APA) recommends light therapy for students who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This will help them when they experience symptoms like insomnia and moodiness.


A smartwatch has many functions, of which fitness tracking is a part. If you are looking t keep fit without spending so much time and money on a gym membership, then you should go for a smartwatch.

A fitness watch can track your heart rate, daily steps, and sleep patterns and monitor changes in your body. 

And apart from fitness tracking, you can operate your phone (if they are connected), receive calls, messages, and notifications, and set reminders for important events.


Wireless earbuds are more common nowadays, and they are preferable. You can listen to music, podcasts, classes, and the like. And even if you do not listen to anything, it helps block distractions from noise and people. You can also receive calls with your earbuds.

Even if you have headsets, you should still get earbuds because they are more portable and less conspicuous.

In fact, all gadgets are important and beneficial to students to make college life more convenient and bearable. Not all the devices on the list will be necessary for you to have and there are some gadgets you will need and are not on the list, go for gadgets that suit your need.

While getting the gadgets, set a budget, so you are not carried away by the glamour and get unnecessary or extravagant gadgets.


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