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We all know Apple to be a premium brand with high-end products. Whenever Apple hosts its annual event, you can find people tuning in instantly to know more about new launches and updates. It is a brand that keeps people interested and delivers what it promises. 

One of the most prominent Apple devices is the iPhone. They go one step further from being a basic phone, and allow you to do so much more. The iPhones give users a unique experience no other device can. Its high price is the one factor that makes people hesitant to purchase them. But with recent launches, Apple now has an iPhone version specially for those on a budget.

The iPhone SE was launched in 2018 as a cheaper option, allowing people on a budget to buy an Apple product. From the 1st gen of the SE came the 2nd gen. While a lot stayed the same, there were a few features that underwent a change. If you’re looking to buy the iPhone SE in 2022, here’s a look at its features and how they have changed since the first launch. You can even consider buying it from a wholesale cell phones store for a better price.

  1. Design: The distinct change of the iPhone SE 2nd gen from the 1st gen was that it went from looking similar to the iPhone 5 to look more like the iPhone 8. Both the generations have a Touch ID button with a fingerprint sensor. The SE came in classic iPhone colors like black, silver, rose gold, and gold. The 2nd gen of the iPhone SE is available in black, white, and red, with Apple eliminating the availability of the classic colors for this model. 
  2. Performance: The 2nd gen SE packs a more powerful A13 Bionic chipset compared to the A9 Bionic chip in the older version. This means that the model has faster and smoother performance, with a boost to battery life as well. 
  3. Price:  The 2nd gen iPhone SE is available at the same price as the older version, with a storage upgrade of the base model to 64GB from 32GB. The 2nd gen SE also comes with higher storage upgrades – 128GB and 256GB models. Prices of higher storage versions increase depending on which one you choose. But you may get a better deal at a wholesale iPhone store for better savings.
  4. Camera: Both the older and the 2nd gen iPhone SE come with single 12MP rear cameras. However, the newer model has improved camera features like smart HDR, portrait lighting, and portrait modes. The facetime or front-facing camera has also seen a major upgrade from a 1.2MP camera to a 7MP HD camera.

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  1. Display: While the older iPhone SE model came with a 4-inch display, the 2nd gen upgrades to a contrasting 4.7-inch LCD display. It also comes with an improved Retina HD display which significantly improves the viewing experience from the older model to the 2nd gen iPhone SE.
  2. New features: The 2nd gen iPhone SE comes with completely new features that weren’t available in the older version of the phone. It comes with IP67 water and dust resistance, 18W fast-charging, and dual SIM support (the second sim should be an eSIM). It also comes with Dolby Vision and HDR10 for smooth and high-performing audio and video playback. 

Why choose the iPhone SE 2nd gen?

The iPhone SE was launched as a budget offering of the premium iPhones from Apple. And although there is a significant price drop, the SE comes with top-quality features that are not much different or less efficient than any premium iPhone. 

There’s a reason why Apple iPhones are one of the most in-demand mobile phones across the world. Apple delivers the best quality features for its phone as promised, and completely stands out from all the other phones available in the market. Its physical and software abilities are high-end, and with the iPhone SE dropping as a budget version, these high-quality features are available to those who do not want to excessively spend money on a phone. 

Buying the 2nd gen iPhone SE in 2022 will give you the same premium user experience as that of any premium iPhone. It does so much more than you expect it to, making it worth buying for the money you pay. 


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