Google Unveils The Nest Wi-Fi Pro With Wi-Fi 6E


Google has today unveiled the Nest Wi-Fi Pro, a Wi-Fi 6E tri-band router that can connect 100 devices per router for a minimum of 300 devices, in what can be seen as the Alphabet-owned company’s move to beef up its mesh networking offerings.

The Nest Wi-Fi Pro is a big improvement on the Google Nest Wi-Fi released in 2019 as it is faster as it was laced with dual-band 802.11ac capabilities, now known as Wi-Fi 5.

Google Nest solutions lead, Ben Brown in a briefing has termed the new devices as “a self-contained system” that “doesn’t have that hybrid backwards compatibility with Nest Wi-Fi, and Google Wi-Fi generations.”

With the regular system having a slightly different mode that allows one router to connect to “points” that extend the network, Google says the new Nest Wi-Fi Pro will have all units as the same, with each capable of being a router, even though only one will be , while the other two will still act as points.

The new Wi-Fi Pro can also be used as a Thread border router that connects to smart home devices, while it can also work as a Matter hub. User will be able to set up and manage the Wi-Fi Pro with the use of the company’s Home app that allows them set up the family management system that block contents from underage kids devices or even have the opportunity of completely turning off their Wi-Fi access completely.

Aside the stated, the Pro has some smart capabilities , with Google announcing that it would automatically prioritize high-bandwidth traffic like streaming and video calls, while also optimizing the bands its using with the use of how congested the airwaves around it are. Google also says that the system will have the chance to “adjust the network performance to minimize disruptions” that can occur when your ISP drops the ball and slows down your internet connection.

Users who do not want to use a wireless backhaul can use a wire to connect the routers together, with each of them having two 1Gbps Ethernet ports. It also has a 2×2 antenna array rather than a 4×4 one, and it’s specified up to AX5400, according to Brown.

Google in the briefing also announced that each router can cover a 2,200-square-foot area or up to 6,600 square feet with a three-pack, revealing that it can be bought at $199 for a single router, with the Eero’s Pro 6E retails going for $299, though a single unit can be picked up on sale for $179.

The Nest Wifi Pro two-pack, costs $299.99, matching the retail price for TP-Link’s Wi-Fi 6E-equipped Deco XE75 system, available only in a two- or three-pack.

Google also announced that the routers will be available October 27th but users will be able to pre-order them starting from today, October 4 on Amazon and the Google Store.


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