I am going to tell you today I will be sharing with you 12 websites that I’m almost sure most of you have never heard about where you can make a ton of money online
now it says on the rumble website that there are Rights Management video platform now let me put things into perspective for you Rumble has 44 million users per month and they started in 2013 which is eight years ago if you compare that to YouTube they have 2.6 billion not million users however YouTube started in 2005 which means they have been going for 10 years more at an 18-year tenure the difference however is that YouTube after only eight years had gotten to 1 billion users so YouTube is way ahead of Rumble at this point in time but it doesn’t stop you from using the platform to earn extra money for Content that you are already producing and if you are posting it on social media you can just post it there as well now what Rumble does is they will pay you just like YouTube for ad on your videos however they also partner with companies like MTV Xbox Yahoo MSN and through this model you are able to make money for your videos if one of their partner companies does decide to use some of your Content let’s say you post a video on Rumble and they approve it to be used by one of their Partners you’ll get 50 US dollars for that video you also will earn another 100 if your video is good enough to make it onto the home page of Rumble as with any other social media platforms you can also add affiliate links you can benefit from sponsorship and of course it’s free to join and post your Content as a Creator now let’s move to the second website

now fundrise is a real estate crowdfunding platform and I know that’s a lot of words let’s say for example you want to invest in real estate but you don’t have this huge lump sum up front to invest as capital companies like fundrise will allow you to invest as little as 500 US Dollars into real estate and make amazing returns this is how it works let’s say one of your goals is to be an investor in a townhouse complex but that complex is gonna cost a million US dollars to construct of obviously you don’t have a million dollars but you know what you can find a thousand dollars now what fundrise will do is they’ll say listen we have a townhouse complex it will cost a million dollars to construct and we’re looking for partners to invest in the construction and also to reap the rewards so instead of them having to come up with a million US dollars they could get a thousand people to invest only a thousand US Dollars and voila there is your one million dollars to start building your townhouse complex and you are now an investor now let’s say their objective is to take the one million dollars that’s come from all one thousand of you to build this townhouse complex and to sell it back for two million dollars after fees and taxes it means that they would have doubled the money they’re gonna take a piece of it and then they’re gonna pay you back into interest so there are two reasons why I love fundrise.com when you invest that 1 000 US Dollars you don’t have to do anything else and it will turn over a good return on your investment the second reason and this is unique to fundrise when compared to other platforms that are out there like fundrise you do not need to be an accredited investor to invest money in fundrise which means you and I who are regular people can invest money into fundrise and benefit from it in a tangible way now most of the websites that I’m gonna share today the majority are accessible from anywhere across the globe however fundrise is specifically for my us viewers which coincidentally are the majority of the viewers on my channel that said one of the things that I’ll do with the membership club on patreon is I’ll tell you guys ways around this to be able to invest in these websites without being a US citizen and yes guys it is legal no

Google AdSense
Google AdSense most of you only know Google AdSense because you have a YouTube channel and that’s how YouTube pays you however did you know that AdSense will pay significantly more for other content types for example if you have a website and you put ads on it if you write blogs and you post them on the Internet and there are many different ways that you can earn from AdSense what’s incredible is the amount of money that you have the potential to earn stay tuned my rockstars and allow me to blow your mind now before you start thinking oh but I don’t have a personal website that’s an excuse you can go to godaddy.com and get one for less than twenty dollars per year and you can start sharing whatever it is that you’re passionate about on your website soon you’ll have a following and soon you’ll be able to pop up a few ads on there or you can write blogs if you’re a teacher you can write lesson plans and share them on there if you are a nurse you can write health tips if you’re a beautician you can share some of the secrets on how to lay a good wig or to put that bling on the nails whatever it is that you do there’s something that you know that most people in the world don’t share it on your website and monetize it with Google AdSense and you’re gonna be completely blown away by your income earning potential let me give you a practical example so as you know we have gopher Global which is an e-commerce platform now people don’t typically put ads on their e-commerce platform only because the ads that are likely to show up are that of competitors however I’m not as worried about those things so let’s say we turn on ads on goffer and all the big e-commerce platforms out there are popping up their ads let me tell you what we would make for 50 000 page views we would make a whopping 11 000 US Dollars say what now this changes based on the niche that you’re posting in however there’s this calculator here where you can plug in what area or what Niche you will be posting in on your website and it will estimate what you will earn per 50 000 views and believe me the numbers are mind-blowing try the calculator my rockstars it may inspire you to start your website and to leverage Google AdSense to make some money let me give you another example let’s say your interest is fashion and on your website you decide to share photos and articles related to fashion and the fashion industry for 50 000 page views of an ad on your website you you could potentially earn 7800 US Dollars it’s not hard to get 50 000 views remember this is not fifty thousand unique people it could be the same person viewing from a different IP address a different device or a different location and in some instances it doesn’t even track unique views it’s just fifty thousand views period so for me leveraging Google AdSense for more than just YouTube or what most people know it can do it’s a huge way to make millions of dollars with the use of a website now Google AdSense can be used from anywhere across

now it says here on their website that impact is the analytics and automation platform designed for agencies to optimize program performer events at scale and manage client profiles across multiple platforms I have absolutely no idea what they’re saying with that description now impact allows you to leverage what most people refer to as the partnership economy which is really affiliate marketing on go in and enroll as a GPS or a product seller and you can share links and make money for just gopher products or you have an amazon.com where you can become an Amazon associate and you can share links and make money from just Amazon when you go to impact.com it has a ton of different brands and companies where you can actually get links from as many of them as you qualify for and then share it all over the place and start start earning this is exactly why I said earlier it was affiliate marketing on steroids some of the brands that you’ll be able to promote that partner with impact.com includes Adidas which most of you know Airbnb most of you know Lenovo Microsoft L’Oreal HSBC which is a bank Walmart 1 800 Flowers and Levi’s and that’s only a few of the hundreds of brands that you will be able to take their link and partner and make money through affiliate marketing and listen you don’t need a huge social media following to share links check your address book in your phone check the email addresses that you have send WhatsApp links to folks and send links to them via email you know at least a hundred people directly whether they’re at church at school at work somewhere that you can share these link things with and if they have an interest they buy the product and you earn passive income now there are many reasons why I have grown in such a short time to love this next website that I’m about to share with you the first is that it gives me a private way to have interactions with you my rock stars the second is it’s like my own private social media platform where I can share sensitive things or things that are just too private for the open internet and I can get your views on it and you can comment on it and we can interact

now I had committed myself that whenever I got to 10 000 subscribers, I would do two things. The first is I’ll launch my Vlog Channel, which I’ll be calling Odetta rocket, unedited, and the second was to find a more engaging way to partner with you, my rock stars, or at least those of you who are serious about achieving your big goals to include Financial Freedom way ahead of time and Patreon for me is the ideal place to do this, and after posting the introductory video here a few days ago, I’m already blown away by the response so to patreon.com
is another website that is a crowdfunding platform that can be used to make money now, the way Patreon works is, let’s say you have an audience, and that audience again doesn’t have to be on social media. You could be a teacher, and your students are your audience. What you do is you go topatreon.com
you create a page, and those who have an interest in what you’re sharing on this private platform can pay a monthly subscription to get access to your Content, whatever you decide your Content should be if you have a subscription tier of 20 US dollars per month and you get a hundred persons to subscribe to your Patreon, and you’re providing Great Value in terms of the Content that you’re sharing that is 2 000 US dollars per month in revenue, and of course, Patreon will take out a few dollars for their servicing fee and the use of their platform but that I think is perfect money and a nice way to share your Content in a place where you can partner with your followers your subscribers whatever you call that tribe and that army of people who have your back, and you have theirs and benefit in a way that’s tangible for both of you now the next website is

and I love this one. Do you know why? Because a lot of the other ones I’m sharing will require some brain. This one requires Brawn, so if you are a fixer-upper, you love working with your hands
you can get your hands dirty task rabbit is ideal for you here’s how it works people will basically go to taskrabbit.com and they’ll enter in a task that they would like to be completed now let me give you some practical examples that will help you to understand how taskrabbit.com will work to make you money let’s say for example you’re pregnant and you want to assemble a crib and you don’t know how to do it or you’re just not that technical like I dislike assembling things so I would just go on to taskrabbit and put in on the website that you would like someone to pull a crib to together for you of course with your contact details let’s say for example you want to do some spring cleaning and you want to clear out your entire garage and you need help to do so I can just go on a task rabbit and put in where I need help so as opposed to going out there and trying to get people I put it on there and then I evaluate who gives me a call to see who is capable do their background checks because remember people are going to be in your house and that can be a security risk the great thing is you can sign up to taskrabbit and based on your expertise you will get tasks assigned to you that you can do and make money from doing so now there are two ways to make money you can browse the site and look for jobs and apply for jobs or like I said earlier you can create a profile and then their algorithm will match the profile with the jobs and send you a notification now the seventh website side that you can use to make money online that most people aren’t aware of is neighbor.com do you have storage space in your house for example or maybe you have a garage that is empty or a storage shed you can basically go to neighbor.com and advertise these spaces so that people can pay you money to use these spaces that you’re probably not using and will never use it’s like Airbnb for storage so instead of putting up an apartment or a room you’re saying I have this empty room and you can store things in it and pay me on a regular basis now if you think about the empty spaces that we have around us maybe our child or children they have gone off to college we have locked up their room or maybe they used to hang out in a basement that you no longer need or you have a garage and are parking your vehicle outside because you just can’t bother you can make money from that space with neighbor.com neighbor.com will pay you by a direct deposit or they will actually give you a debit card where they will transfer your money that you have earned on a monthly basis there are some small fees like with anything else that they’ll deduct before but you will make the majority of that money now again for me this is passive income you offer the space up you get it rented somebody stores something in the space make sure what they’re storing you are going through it to ensure that you don’t have anything illegal stored in your house or your storage container or your space and you do nothing else and every single month you’re gonna earn from neighbor.com for renting out that storage space now the website where you can make money online that I am positive that most of you have never heard of is

now some of you may have heard of three up and like thread up swap, an online consignment store. Consignment stores are where you sell pre-owned items, whether it’s your second-hand clothing or pre-owned clothing, the clothing that your children wore that is still in great condition, the toys that they played with, the furniture because you have just done a renovation and you don’t need your old furniture anymore you can leverage
swap.com to make some extra money on the side now; this is how the monetization model on swap.com Works. Let’s say, for example, the product
that you’re giving them to sell priced at eight dollars you will get 15 cashback immediately and a 20 store credit now if the product sells for more than eight dollars which is very probable you’ll get 70 of the cash of course minus 4.95 which is the processing fee, and you’ll be able to keep that 20 store credit that that

and simply put skillshare is like the Netflix for educational Content so whereas on a Netflix you pay a monthly subscription and you’re able to watch unlimited movies series and whatever you like in the theatrical industry on skillshare you pay a flat amount every month and you are able to watch lessons and courses from a variety of different creators so it could be someone who is cooking and teaching you how to cook it could be someone who knows how to play the guitar who is teaching you how to play the guitar it could be a mathematics teacher who is hosting lessons on that platform whatever your unique skill set is you can place it on skillshare and here’s what I love about it you don’t need to go find an audience like you would if you created a course and posted it on one of those platforms like teachables where you can sell your course skillshare already has subscribers who are paying this amount of money every single month and as long as they watch your Content you earn from it skillshare pays anywhere from five cents to 10 cents per minute watch of your Content and it doesn’t sound like a lot but let me give you a practical example let’s say you have a lesson that you post on skillshare and it’s to teach people how to make Jamaican jerk chicken let’s say it takes you an hour to do that which is 60 billable minutes now let’s say that you’re cooking tutorial pops up for about a thousand subscribers fibers over the period of a month and let’s assume that they only watch half an hour of your one hour tutorial so that’s 30 minutes times a thousand people so that’s 30 000 billable minutes and let’s assume we’re gonna be optimistic here let’s say you get 10 cents per billable minutes that’s thirty thousand dollars times ten cents that’s three thousand US dollars that you would have made in that month and again you didn’t have to go there and find an audience these people are already subscribing they’re just consuming your Content and you’re making money online from

crossover is a recruiting platform that specializes in remote jobs only so basically jobs where you can work from the convenience of your home or wherever you choose because it could be that you’re a World Travel and you live in hotels and you can work from hotels crossover basically connects The Talented professionals across the globe with their ideal jobs now when you crossover.com you’ll see all the remote jobs listed and if your expertise are in the industry for that particular job you can go ahead and start the application process and if you’re successful you’re gonna earn some mind-blowing salaries they have recruited 4 000 plus rock stars so far they operate from 130 countries across the globe you get paid weekly in US Dollars and they claim that they tap into one percent of Global Talent now they also share some of the companies that they partner with to find employees for such as Alpha engine yard I know copper tree for example GFI software I know ignite Tech I don’t know most of these but I’m sure they’re reputable companies considering the salaries that they’re paying and what do you have to loseyou apply for a job you can do from anywhere in the world, and you make a six-figure income now the

Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates you can leverage their affiliate marketing benefits or platform where you can basically take links from the Amazon website share them with people and when they click on them and buy products or the good thing about Amazon is for the next several hours whatever that person buys after they have clicked on your link you will benefit from it in a tangible way because you’ll be able to earn a percentage of what that person spends you also get your own storefront and this is what my storefront looks like I basically share products that I have used only because I don’t want you to buy products and then complain about them because you have bad experiences but I can share here these products and if you click on any of them and purchase them I will make a commission from you doing so the Amazon commissions are anywhere from five to fifteen percent so as an example this camera and this microphone that I’m using for this video I have my affiliate link below in the description of this video and it’s also on my Amazon storefront now let’s say as an example you go into the description of this video and click the link to buy this camera the camera is about 850 US Dollars the last time I checked Amazon will pay anywhere from five to fifteen percent in affiliate marketing commission let’s assume they pay me 10 percent and of the value of this camera it is eight hundred and fifty dollars times 10 it means that I’ve just earned 85 US Dollars just by you clicking on that link isn’t that a fantastic way to earn passive income I put the links there once I create my storefront once I update it with products periodically but folks are clicking and I’m earning so Amazon Associates is one of those hidden platforms that will leverage affiliate marketing and can make you thousands of US Dollars now the

gopher global.com
you know I have to talk about that guy as a GPS or a golfer product seller. We leverage a similar model to what I just described for Amazon Associates, so basically, you can do a quick enrollment on the platform, and you will be able to share links with others and earn anywhere from five percent to as much as 50 percent. This is where we differ from Amazon because we pay out as much as fifty percent in commission based on the value of the product to you, my rock stars who decide to come on as a golfer product seller or a GPS, and you can watch this video here that will quickly explain to you exactly how to enroll as a GPS and start leveraging affiliate marketing one of the webinars that I’ll be hosting on my Patreon is where I’m going to take you to step by step through your enrollment to the Amazon associate program as well as the Gopher GPS program that’s it


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