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We are the architects and we work together as a professional team. We can do architectural projects (residential buildings & apartments, villas, shops, entertainment centers, etc.)  that are related to 2D Autocad, 3Ds max, 3D Sketchup, Lumion,and Photoshop

  We can do:

2D floor plan from your sketch or redraw drawing in AutoCad from $15

2D colored plan from drawing in Autocad and Photoshop from $25

3D floor plan from $40-$60

– 3D interior or 3D exterior with landscaping from $60-$80

3D animation (Interior or Exterior) by 3Ds max or Lumion

I just show you the price for doing something like my gig. The different designs have different prices. It depends on the size and details of each. Let you contact us If you need my services. We can discuss further your job and get the best price to do your designs.

You can give us your requirements and inspiration, we will try our best to satisfy your request. 

Please check our video and photos for checking what we can do. You can contact me if you need more information.

Looking forward to working with you.

About the designer

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We are the architects. Our team do the work related to architectural designs and 3d visualization. We can work with 2D Autocad, 3Ds max, 3D Sketchup and Photoshop. We have a lot of experience to work for the Real Estate Agent. We can do 2D floor plan, 3D floor plan, 3D interior, 3D exterior and 3D animation for the architectural project. If you need the fast service and high quality job, let you contact us. We will satisfy all requirements and create the something like in your mind.

Please contact us when you need my services. Looking forward to work with you.


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