Jeff Bezos And His Crew Landed Safely From Space With New Insights



Jeff Bezos and his brother, Mark are finally back from the short trip to space they embarked on this morning — onboard New Shepherd, the space vehicle built by his space company Blue Origin.

New Shepherd was built to withstand the weight of four passengers and the other two space tourists included Wally Funk (Aviation legend), and Oliver Daemen (the youngest amongst the crew members). Blue Origin dubbed this space mission NS-16.

It is worth noting that this is the first time Blue Origin sends humans to space while space travel is recorded as the second billionaire-sponsored space mission. While Blue Origin’s space vehicle takes flight Jeff Bezos shared video Reels of his experience via his Instagram page.

Without further ado, the former chief executive of Amazon is back from space on a safe trip with New Shepherd — without a scratch. Based on my point of view, the Blue Origin space mission appears to be more interesting than Richard Branson’s because they recorded the oldest person to visit space.

As Jeff landed on earth, he revealed insights about pursuing his philanthropic ambitions — the billionaire vowed to donate a hundred million dollars to push supports his Courage & Civility Award. In honor of Chef José Andrés and Van Jones the owner of Dream Corps.

According to the founder of Blue Origin, these personnels have selfless traits that depict courage and aims to influence global civilization. He also highlighted the objective of his space mission that confirms the fact that the Earth is a safe location amongst other places in the solar system.

This happens to the first space mission Blue Origin has accomplished, while the next trip will be scheduled before 2021 runs out — the space company planned to launch two vehicles to space this year. Still, ticket sales are yet to reach a hundred million dollars — “the demand for this ticket is very high,” Bezos said.

The aviation legend also shared her Funky experience: “I’ve been waiting a long time to finally get up there —…and the four of us, we had a great time. It was wonderful. I want to go again — fast!” She is the oldest amongst the crew.

Jeff Bezos ended his remarks acknowledging Amazon and its staff since he used Amazon’s resources that were worth billions to ensure Blue Origin NS-16 space mission is a success as well as futuristic space travels.


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