Second Round Of Baby Shark NFTs Set To Roll Out

The much-loved kids’ song “Baby Shark” video is a product of Pinkfong. In November 2020, the kiddies’ song earned the position of the most-viewed YouTube video of all time. In January 2022 the beloved video earned itself another huge milestone, it became the first and only YouTube video to have surpassed 10 billion views. The company has now announced an NFT project titled “Baby Shark: Collection No. 2.” The NFT collection is said to be about 10,000 of them and will feature generative art of the titular baby shark and the whole shark family. According to reports, generative NFTs can be likened to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where a variety of randomized traits is present across the collection. 

Pinkfong, Sony Music Reveal Baby Shark NFT Auction

So you might be wondering how the company intends to sell NFTs to kids or how the company did with the first round. To answer your questions, be assured that this is the second set of NFTs Pinkfong is rolling out and it will feature the entire Baby Shark family. According to the company, the first debuted late last year and was immediately sold out. Yes, people spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on buying the first set of Baby Shark NFTs in December 2021. As for whether Pinkfong is trying to sell NFTs to kids, well no answers let’s just say the company is interested in developing “Baby Shark’s footprint in the metaverse. It is on anyone who knows and cares about the “Baby Shark” characters and is willing to be part of the community. However, Pinkfong’s website makes it clear that the company is about “defining the first moments of childhood.” 

Moving on, the company has helped us know what is for kiddies and what’s not, what’s definitely not for kids is the “Baby Shark” party at NFT.NYC. Pinkfong will be using this party to launch and celebrate its second round of NFTs. The event has been described will be a “night of fantastic entertainment, music, and networking.”


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