Top 10 Metaverse Blockchain Projects To Look Out For In 2022


Top 10 Metaverse Crypto Projects To Watch In [Updated 2022]

Metaverse isn’t a new word to the world again as it has continued to gain more and more traction. Every day the world continues to witness new entries of VR/AR devices that bring the world closer to virtual reality. The cryptocurrency market is a similar case, as the exponential increase in the global metaverse market continues to reveal that. Before now, quite a number of Metaverse blockchain projects have sparked interest globally and we thought to share the top 10 of them to look out for in 2022. However, information in this article is provided solely for educational purposes ONLY and not for investment, no one is permitted to constitute investment or financial instructions.


Gala is a blockchain gaming platform that almost everyone is aware of. Gala Games built its blockchain ecosystem on the Gala Games token (GALA), which was created on the ERC-20 standard for the Ethereum blockchain, and it also works with the Binance Smart Chain. It is known for creating a platform where players can freely exchange in-game items. This metaverse project lays importance on the level of authority and ownership of gamers. Also, a point to note is that the players can create and customize their avatars as well. It is a platform aimed at revolutionizing the gaming industry by giving players back control over their games. Currently, players spend countless hours on the game and invest in in-game purchases that can be taken away from them at any moment. The maximum supply of GALA tokens is 35.24 billion GALA. Currently, there are 6.98 billion GALA tokens in circulation.


Decentraland (MANA) is an Ethereum token that powers the Decentraland virtual reality platform, it is one metaverse blockchain project that has gained popularity rapidly. MANA can be used to pay for virtual plots of land in Decentraland as well as in-world goods and services. Right from meeting new people, to shopping, playing games, and even building new business projects, this project has it all.  No wonder why this metaverse project will continue to grow popularly and is one to look out for in the days ahead. 


Sandbox metaverse is yet another decentralized blockchain-based virtual project that one should definitely be aware of. The ERC-20 utility token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and can be owned by players for playing the Sandbox game.  It resembles a highly polished version of Minecraft. The sandbox token is used for various transactions in the gameplay, including purchasing virtual land, and interacting with user-generated content, while staking it to participate in the governance of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Sandbox users who acquire land have the ability to develop it, trade it, and create interactive assets utilizing the tools available.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based online video game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This metaverse blockchain project has grabbed eyeballs from everywhere with its adorable animal-like characters. Well, that’s not all – the players also stand the chance to earn while gaming. Just like sandbox, Axie Infinity also allows participants to buy lands virtually in form of NFTs in the game. The currencies used in Axie infinity are Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). AXS can also be purchased on major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, FTX, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Gemini, Kraken and others.

My Meta MMO

My Meta MMO has become highly popular these days as it has taken the spot of an artificial intelligence-driven project where the meta characters farm, battle, breed, and mine. The brain behind this innovative metaverse blockchain project is no other than My Meta Studio. My Meta Studio is a game development company that specializes in building creator-led metaverses with play-to-earn mechanics. Currently, My Meta Studio is responsible for four NFT games, which include Infinity Realms, My Meta: Minecraft, GTA – A Grand Theft Auto 5 RolePlay and Arcade. My Meta MMO has the vision to integrate creator economies into their games thereby giving artists, musicians, and video producers the opportunity to create content and attach them to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Bloktopia is a metaverse project built on Polygon, revolving around tokens and offering holders a wide range of features. In the metaverse project, token holders are referred to as Bloktopians. One aspect of this project can definitely not go unnoticed – this is probably the first metaverse project that enables the users to access crypto information and immersive content all in one place. Bloktopia is built by experienced blockchain veterans, headed by CEO and co-founder Ross Tavakoli. A seasoned crypto expert who has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2015.

The is a community-owned metaverse project that has a lot to do with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In the metaverse project, there are two ways to own land: outright purchase and through participation in our creator competitions. Essentially by owning a piece of land, you get exposure to key benefits like creating your own metaverse environment from the scratch, gaining access to exclusive NFT airdrops, creating and monetizing your own content and finally participating in economic activities like having your land for rent.

Somnium Space

Another metaverse project making use of NFTs in the Somnium space, a play-to-earn NFT virtual reality (VR) world built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this project, the NFTs you collect give you access to an exceptional 3D avatar experience altogether. Somnium Space aims to create an open, social, VR world, a world that has its own economy, spends its own currency, has its own Marketplace, and thrives on its own games and other social commodities. Somnium Space allows users to buy digital land, homes, buildings, and myriad in-game assets of value in its online multiverse. 

Star Atlas 

The Star Atlas game built on the Solana blockchain is another Metaverse-inclined blockchain-based, space-themed, grand strategy product, projecting a massive multiplayer metaverse set in what can be termed a distant future, the year 2620. It has two tokens called ATLAS and POLIS. Right from an exceptional storyline to monetization opportunities, this metaverse blockchain project is everything that needs your attention.


Wondering what makes Enjin a part of the top 10 Metaverse blockchain projects to look out for in 2022? Well, it is the fact that it does not comprise a virtual world filled with gameplay features. Enjin offers a suite of integrated products that make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) easy for individuals, businesses, and developers. Enjin demonstrated its ability to hook the gaming community during an action-packed 2021, and with the launch of Efinity, the Enjin ecosystem is on the verge for a more eventful year in 2022.


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