2023 Planning Guide: Top 5 Essential Skills to Master for Success

What are you gonna do in 2023 to change your life? In this article, I wanna talk about the five top skills that you need to get in 2023 if you haven’t already. It’s really important that you ride the waves. I’ve said this many, many times and I’ve done this many, many times in my life. Look at what the hot trends are, jump on those waves, and ride them. So I wanna talk about sort of five areas that I really think you should look at if you haven’t already in 2023, and then look at the skills that you need to get to ride those waves. It’s Not Too LateYou can’t change the past,

but you can change your future. And for me, that’s what I love about technology or tech in general. You don’t need a fancy degree. You don’t need fancy contacts. You don’t need to be part of an old boys club, as example, to get somewhere in technology. If you put in the effort, in a few years you can change your life because technology is changing all the time. What was really, really important 20 years ago or 10 years ago or five years ago, isn’t really important necessarily in 2023. The hot technologies of those days are perhaps gone. Things are constantly evolving, constantly changing, which can make it harder,if you’ve been in tech for a long time, to keep up. But the great news for someone like you who’s perhaps starting out is that if you start today, in two years time you could be an expert in a specific sphere or niche if you like. Think about the blockchain. Didn’t exist a few years ago. Think about machine learning and AI.

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Unlocking Your Future: Embracing the Transformative Power of Technology

That is changing the world in the last few years.10 years ago, 20 years ago, that wasn’t really important compared to how important it is in the next few years. Jump on the waves, ride those waves, and change your life. Now, I’m gonna continue talking about mindset a little bit and giving you some advice from my experience but if you don’t wanna hear that, that’s fine. It’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you’re starting out, it can be overwhelming because there’s so much information, so much to learn, but I’m telling you now you don’t have to try and learn everything like that. Firstly, that’s impossible. And secondly, there’s just too much to learn very, very quickly. The more you learn, the more you’ll find it’s easier to learn additional skills or pick up additional skills, and learn new technologies, because a lot of it’s interrelated. As an example, I have a strong foundation in networking.

For me to move into another area isn’t that difficult because I’ve got a strong foundation in networking, programming, et cetera. It’s much easier to pick up new technologies. But I want you to remember that life is a journey and your path may change over time. You may be doing this today but then tomorrow you do something totally different, and there’s nothing stopping you from reinventing yourself. You could be the expert in this area and then tomorrow or in a few year’s time, you’re the expert in another area because technologies change and you have to change with the technologies. If people tell you, “You must stay where you’re at,”they’ve either not been in tech long enough or they’ve stagnated because stagnation is a terrible thing. You’ve gotta keep on reinventing yourself. You gotta keep on learning and changing what you’re doing. You’ve gotta keep on improving what you’re doing and keep on learning. So to help you with that, I wanna talk about some principles. The first thing I really believe in is a circle of control. Circle of ControlYou may not be able to control what governments are doing or what certain people in the world are doing. I don’t watch a lot of news because it can be really depressing. You can’t change what people on the other side of the world are doing.

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Optimizing Your Time: Harnessing Control for Success and Productivity

As an example, I live in the UK. I can’t change what the US President is doing, so I don’t focus on that. I focus on the stuff that I can control. I can control my time. If you’ve got a job and you have to work a certain number of hours, your boss could control that. But you may have some flexibility thereto decide what you do with your time. And after work, what are you doing with your time? What are you doing with your time on weekends?- Work your ass off. It drives me crazy to go to the gym. You read for one hour a day. I went and worked out five hours a day and I was working on construction 24 hours a day. Organize your day. Work hard.- As an example for me, and I’m not telling you that this is what you have to do, I don’t watch television because it can be a huge time sink, as it takes a huge amount of time.

I’d rather use my time for other things. You need to decide what’s important for you and prioritize what’s important for you. But the point is, you can control your time. You can decide where you spend your time. So don’t spend time on things that give you no return. Rather spend time on things that will give you a long return. As an example,I learned about networking many, many years ago and that’s helped me over 20 years as an example. The stuff that I learned 20 years ago is still helping me today because it’s a foundation that I build upon. Rather spend your time learning something that can help you in the future. Another important principle is the 80-20 rule, The 80/20 Rule is also known as the Pareto principle,80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.

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As an example, in business,20% of your customers give you 80% of your revenue. If you make sure that you focus your time on the 20%, you’re gonna have a far greater return than focusing your time on things less important. As an example, if you watch a television program, just some kind of entertainment, that could give you relaxation now but what’s the return on that? What’s the long-term return on that versus, for instance, reading a book that changes your mindset or watching a video that teaches you something that could give you a return over your whole lifetime? You could learn something about investing. You could learn something about technology.

And that could give you return after return after return after return throughout your entire life. Make sure that you spend time on things that give you a lot of return. Don’t spend time on things that give you little in return. Picking up a new skill can change your life totally. As an example, learning a programming language like Python can be used for years and years and years and years. Once you learn how to code, you might use Python for a while or for many years, or you may move on to another programming language, but you’ve got over that hurdle of learning a programming language. The return on that investment can be massive. Learning Linux, for example, can give you a massive return over your lifetime. Spend time on things that give you a big return.

Don’t spend time on things that give you little in return. The 1% RuleA book that I often recommend is “Atomic Habits.”James Clear in the book talks about the 1% principle, if you like, or 1% rule, that if you just try and improve your life by 1% every day, the effect over many years is extreme, is massive. Every day, spend a bit of time learning. Try and learn something new every day. And it’s amazing how that exponentially grows your knowledge and opens up opportunities for you. I’ve picked up many skills over the years. Some of them would be technical skills like networking, and programming. Some of them would be business skills or just other kinds of skills like how to use YouTube.

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Mastering the Future: Essential Skills for Success in 2023

So I have YouTube skills, and I have social media skills.I keep on learning, keep on trying to develop myself in multiple areas, and that knowledge becomes exponential and can really change things. Another good book is “Deep Work.”Deep WorkVery is difficult for some people, but often you need to put away distractions. Get rid of your phone, turn off your notifications, and stuff like that. Put it away and make sure that you spend time every day doing deep work. In other words, hard study. A term that could be used for me is creator. I’m a content creator. Content doesn’t get created by me checking emails or by looking at the notifications on my phone.I often turn off all notifications, block myself out from the rest of the world, and try and spend time creating content where I’m not distracted I need to turn off the notifications and the message so that I can create content. Now, you may not be a content creator, but how do you think you’re going to study something difficult if you don’t turn off the notifications and spend time learning? You’ve got to do some deep work.

Some book that I’d recommend that you look at is, “The 4-Hour Work Week.”Some people don’t like the title but there are a lot of good principles in that book. Think about principles like the 80-20 principle, the circle of control. Think about “1%,” and “Deep Work,”great books to look at that can really change things in your life. You need to make the effort, however, in 2023 to do things differently from what you did in the past. As that saying goes,”It’s insanity to do the same thing over and over” and expect a different result.”Make sure that you do something different today, tomorrow, and this year if you’re not getting the results that you want.5 PathsNow, this year, I’m doing it slightly differently to previous years.I wanna talk about five core skills that you need to learn in 2023 if you don’t have these skills already. And as always, please put in the comments below if you disagree with what I’m saying. Now, before I talk about the top five skills,I wanna talk about five paths. There’s a lot of overlap with the skills that you would require for these different paths. The first path, which I think is really hot at the moment and something that I would probably start looking at if I was just starting my journey today, is Data Science / Machine Learning / AIis data science, machine learning, or AI.

Embrace the AI Revolution and Transform Your Life in 2023

Just recently ChatGPT has really blown up, lot of interest in this AI. If you really wanna ride the next wave, if you want to change your life,I would seriously look at data science, machine learning, and AI. It doesn’t matter which other sphere you’re interested in. Perhaps you’re interested in cybersecurity. That’s been a very hot niche in the last few years.AI can put you in a different league to others. If you understand machine learning, if you understand data science, it can change your whole life.I would strongly suggest that you concentrate on that in 2023. This will change many, many industries. It really has and it’s gonna continue to do that more and more and more. The ChatGPT software is just one example of what’s possible. It’s amazing what that AI can do. I put it to the test in cybersecurity, in programming, in networking, and it was amazing what it can do. But AI is gonna change things. Now, if that’s not of interest to you, There is always gonna be a demand for developers in the world. Now, think about the devices that most people have with them. Could be an iPhone, could be an Android phone. These devices run on software.

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People don’t use their phones necessarily to make phone calls, they use them for the apps. So if you’re interested in getting into programming, I would strongly look at app development, specifically on iOS, specifically on Android. Fantastic place to make a good career for yourself. But perhaps you wanna write applications for Windows or Mac or other platforms, but look at development. look at the videos on Youtube. That gives you a free path to becoming a developer. He’ll teach you Python, he’ll teach you C, he’ll teach you SQL. He teaches you a whole bunch of skills that you would need if you wanna become a developer. Perhaps you can’t pay for an expensive school, you don’t wanna go and do a computer science degree, or have a look at free Youtube videos which help you become a developer. Cyber SecurityAgain, very, very hot in recent times is cybersecurity. There’s a big need for security professionals. Many, many more jobs on the blue team side rather than the red team side. Companies need to be secure. There’s always gonna be a need for people interested in cybersecurity, so that’s a great place to look.

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Cloud is huge. Amazon, we’ve got Google, we’ve got Microsoft. I would specifically look at Amazon if you’re not sure which of the three to look at. But cloud is big, only getting bigger. More and more companies are moving their servers from on-premise to the cloud, so have a look at the cloud. Another hot one to look at is blockchain.BlockchainAnd I’m not talking about Bitcoin, I’m not talking about cryptocurrencies. Have a look at blockchain for smart contracts. Now, you don’t have to focus on just one of these. You could, for instance, be interested in cybersecurity. So perhaps looking at hacking the blockchain or helping companies secure the blockchain. Very good areas, but I wanted to give you some bonus areas. Have a look at APIs.They’ve become very hot in recent times. Some people will say, “Well, APIs are part of programming,”so if you’re a programmer, you have to learn about APIs.”But I wanted to put this as a bonus because APIs are also really important with regard to cybersecurity. If you wanna become an ethical hacker, hacking APIs is a great place to start.APIs are used a lot in networking as well these days, so APIs are really important. And let me talk about networking.NetworkingIt’s very sad for me to say this but I don’t think networking is a high-growth industry for the coming years.- [Crowd] Aw!- It’s become very mature. It’s a great stable place to get a job but it’s not high growth. So if you wanna ride the next wave or the future, and get into the hot stuff, then networking is foundational. It’s really important, used by many of these other trends, but it isn’t the hottest place to get a job. If you wanna go for a hot trend, have a look at data science or machine learning or AI. Have a look at some of the other sorts of spheres. Networking, I would say is a stable industry but not high growth. Another bonus is IoT, the Internet of Things. Internet of Things I mean, are you gonna become a developer that writes code for IoT? Perhaps you’re gonna get into cyber security and hack IoT devices.

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Learn Linux

These devices are just proliferating everywhere. We have smart homes. The lights that I’m using here are so-called smart lights. Smart devices are taking over the world. More and more devices, washing machines, toasters, et cetera, et cetera, are becoming smart. If you’re into hacking, again, a fantastic area to look at, or perhaps coding. So there are five paths that I would suggest you look at.5 Core SkillsNow, let’s talk about the five core skills that you need to get. Let’s say you’re interested in machine learning or you’re interested in cybersecurity, any of these spheres, one of the foundational skills that you need is Linux. Linux Now, I’ve been saying this for years. Learn Linux. And I’ll still say it in 2023. Learn Linux if you haven’t learned it already. The world runs on Linux. If you’re into hacking or cybersecurity, think of Kali Linux, think of Parrot OS.

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Just think of the tools that you need. They run on Linux. If you’re into machine learning, AI, and Linux, once again.If you’re into networking, networking devices often run or have a basis on Linux. Cloud runs on Linux. I mean, I can just repeat myself over and over again. You need to learn Linux.ProgrammingThis is a paradigm shift for a lot of people. Don’t be a consumer, be a creator. When you learn to code, it changes everything because you can create your own tools. You’re not limited by the tools available that others have created. Python / Golang / RustBest programming language to probably start with is Python. If you haven’t got any coding experience, look at Python. But very soon after that, look at Golang, look at Rust. Rust is the language I would suggest you look at if you’re serious about becoming a developer or coder. If you’re in cybersecurity, if you’re into machine learning, Python is a great place to start. Great place to, you know, learn. It’ll really help you in your career. But also have a look at Golang, and have a look at Rust soon after you’ve learned Python.NetworkingNow, another foundational skill is networking. Basically, the world runs on a network, the Internet.

The Internet of Things means networking. Cybersecurity means that you have to understand networking. You don’t need to become a CCIE like me. You don’t have to become even CCNP if you’re not interested in networking per see. You’re perhaps interested in something else but you need to have an appreciation of networking. You need to understand an IP address. You need to understand port numbers. Have an understanding of networking as a foundational skill. Important in cybersecurity just to understand what a port number is as an example, or what an IP address is.CloudThe cloud foundational skill, once again, it’s one of the hot training areas in the last few years, becoming more and more mature. You need to learn about the cloud. In the old days, we used to install applications on physical hardware, now we put them in virtual machines.VirtualizationAnd that gets me to the next topic, virtualization. And that’s changed now to Docker containers, so containers have become really hot. So have a look at virtualization. Make sure you have an appreciation or understanding of virtualization. If you work in cybersecurity you’re gonna wanna run Kali Linux, as an example, in a virtual machine. You need to understand what a virtual machine is. But you may wanna take it a step further and put that in a container that is a lot more lightweight. Make sure that you learn virtual machines, Docker, and Kubernetes. Great foundational skills to learn in 2023 if you haven’t learned them already.

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A lot of repetition of previous years here but this stuff is foundational, it’s important. Right at the top, is Linux. Make sure you learn Linux. Make sure you learn a programming language, Summaryeven if it’s just Python. Make sure that you understand core networking principles. Make sure that you understand the cloud. Make sure that you understand virtualization. As a suggestion, go and get the CompTIA certifications in these areas. So as an example, get Linux Plus from CompTIA.Get Network Plus for networking. Get Cloud Plus for the cloud, et cetera. There is a bunch of introductory certifications that you can get. For networking, if you wanna focus on becoming a network engineer, CCNA is still my recommendation. But if you wanna do cybersecurity, you may not be as focused on networking so Network Plus is fine for that. Final Thoughts Moral of the story is: Read books, go on YouTube.There are many, many places where you can get free content to learn these skills. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to learn the stuff.

Okay, but what are you gonna do in 2023? Are you gonna put the effort in? Are you gonna put the time in and learn this stuff and change your life in tech? The responsibility is on you. You need to decide what you’re going to do. I’m going to continue learning. I’m not gonna stop learning. You can’t stop learning if you wanna be in tech. You have to keep on learning. And for me personally, areas that I’m gonna really focus on in 2023 are AI and development. I wanna get back to the old, old days of me doing development. I also want to expand on the cybersecurity content, specifically AI. I wanna put AI into different spheres.AI in cybersecurity, AI in programming, and AI in many places. A big focus for me this year. As always, I wanna wish you all the very best in 2023. Go out there and make a success of your life.

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