so what is Canva and how does it work in case you’re not too familiar with Canva You may be wondering how you may use them, and there are many fantastic uses especially when it comes to business and marketing social media design overall

What Is Canva And How Does It Work? 1

What is Canva?

as well you can even use them for educational purposes if you’d like the cool thing about them is they do come with a free plan that offers a wide variety of features and perks I will put my link Down Below in case you want to sign up and just test them out yourself it’s very easy to get started but overall I do a lot of business and software tutorials anything about marketing overall and starting off business will grow significantly

Getting Started with Canva

use for them even if you don’t have a business specifically I’m sure you can relate to a lot of the things that you would use that could also be used for business for example YouTube video is a great one even if you’re not creating business videos they’ll show you how to create YouTube thumbnails and YouTubebanners and a lot of things that go into the YouTube marketing overall so as you can see with use cases you can create content faster you can gauge your audience build your brand

What Is Canva And How Does It Work? 2

Versatility of Canva’s Design Capabilities

improve collaboration to plan and schedule manage your assets brainstorms and workshops as well as increased design productivity so a few features there that talk about things you can do like inviting your team utilizing templates some of the industries

that it works for in my opinion I think it works for pretty much any industry because if you’re looking to create say a YouTube thumbnail I mean you can do it for anything you want if you want to put yourself on that thumbnail or something related

Exploring Canva’s Features

to your niche or business it’s going to be pretty simple to do it’s also the design spotlight here so some of the popular things whether this is business marketing or anything else you can create are logos Flyers banners posters resumes invitations business cards videos intros and even memes if you want you can do collages graphs and there’s going to be plenty more talks about the top products I’m just going to quickly read over some of these presentation whiteboards PDFs crafts websites letterheads planners resumes business cards post stories Instagram FacebookTwitter Youtube video ads video editor photo books and let’s keep it there I’m pretty sure you can see the rest of them but if I go on into the actual canvas itself here you’re gonna see if you kind of go through each of these sections

Some of the things that you can see accomplished with docs or what you can do with whiteboards which is always cool presentations as well social media is my favorite because there’s a lot of cool things you can do with that like editing photos you can create Instagram posts

What Is Canva And How Does It Work? 3

Canva’s Multifaceted Tools

Facebook Stories WhatsApp statuses Let’ssee we got more Facebook covers Instagram reels Tick Tock videos thumbnails which I’ve done some tutorials on which is very easy to do you do some intros if you want I’ll probably do some tutorials in the future about That animated social media then there’s this generic social media and a few other things we also have videos which we talked about before FacebookInstagram Tik Tok YouTube you name it they can pretty much do it print products and of course

Canva’s Free Plan and Accessibility

we have websites and even more so the cool thing about a lot of these is that they’re going to be with the free plan as well which I’ve talked about many times of course social media is something I will be doing a lot of but overall that’s what you can expect from canva where you can use it it’s very flexible like I said I love marketing and related type stuff especially when it comes to business but being able to go through canva kind of like kills two birds with one stone even if you’re using it for Instagram you could be using it for business and marketing or you could just be using it for personal you’ll still get a lot of the tutorials and just the overall platform itself so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment if you wish to use them, go down below. they do come with a free plan a lot of features a lot of great access to the tools and perks


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