What is Canva

With Canva, you can design anything. To get you started, there are thousands of professional templates available.
Begin by entering key phrases into the search box. You can input the exact dimensions in the top menu if you are looking for anything specific. You can also explore by document theme or scroll down the page and be inspired. You may find theme-based templates, browse photo and icon libraries, find printed goods and apps, and more. You can also access design schools to learn how to utilize Canva and advance your design abilities.

The sidebar organizes your designs. This page contains all the strategies and methods that your team has shared with you.
This homepage makes it simple for you to design anything; add the people you want to work with, assign them a role, and invite them. To keep your projects organized, you can also create folders for designs, photos, content, and ideas. Now let’s see how simple it is to edit your scenario; we’ll change the text and search for fonts and colors so you can personalize it. A toolbar will display when you pick an object on your page; from here, you can change the styles. Start with text, double-click to edit, input your message, and then use the toolbar to modify the size, alignment, or spacing before adding effects, positioning objects, and more.

There are many different fonts to look through and search by category or style.

To alter the color, Use the spectrum tool, choose an element, and the colored square above will change to any color you can think of.
You can enter a hex code here if you want a specific color. To replace a picture, drag it over another, and to undo any actions, click the back arrow whenever necessary. The position button also allows you to align and overlay things on your website. Choose your style and click animate in the top toolbar after selecting the page. After finishing a design, use Canva to make editing a breeze.
Let’s spread the word! We’ll look at how you can use Canva to save, share, comment, download, or even print your design on a professional level. Every time you modify, your design automatically saves, but you may also manually save it.
Enter their email address or send them a link to share designs with friends or coworkers. Permit them to view or edit your design and invite them to comment or work with you. When you choose an object to comment on, you may tag a team member to receive a notification when they respond.

When your design is finished, you may save it as a still picture by choosing a png or jpeg or an animated image by selecting an mp4 video or gif. You can also connect your account and post directly to your social media sites if you need printing; choose your print options from the menu. We professionally print t-shirts, business cards, posters, and much more. Start creating with Canva today to express your ideas and realize your vision.


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