When Love Is No Longer There – A Poem

Often life makes you wonder how something that seemed so incredible, something that started out so beautifully, could end so badly. Sometimes this is the case with love. The once rosy, picturesque “Happily Ever After” dream fades in the night, like so many others. When love is no longer there, rejection can cause years of misery, emotional damage and suffering if allowed. A good poem can help you get over that.

Honestly, did you ever really love me?

My heart would like to believe,

or were you just pretending all along!

I had been waiting patiently for love,

but it never seemed to arrive,

It just kept passing me by

Always looking…

Then I saw you,

I was bewitched by your smile,

With your child-like face, you enchanted me

Your hazel eyes entranced me

I knew then that love had finally arrived…

You raced into my life,

Exploding like a summer storm

Asking for my heart,

I gave it to you willingly.

I remember how you were so glib

The way you promised

To love me always,

Promising that nothing would separate us

Meaningless words, that’s all they were

Intangible as the wind

Lost forever in the silence of the night…

Well I must say, you were convincing…

I believed every word you said…

My soul became an anchor

Sunk by your fleeting love…

I felt my heart beat rapidly against your chest

As you held me close in the warmth of your embrace.

The soft musky scent of your masculine body hugging me tight.

The rapture of your endearing kisses

Whispering secrets and unforgettable moments…

Immersing you with my love

I let myself get lost within you

Not realizing at the time

That I was just a whim,

One more toy for your collection….

In silence you left me alone again,

Taking my heart and soul like loose pocket change,

Spent and soon forgotten,

As you sped alone to the next resort,

Stranding me on a lonely beach.

The winds have since died, all is still except my pain.

I’ve built sandcastles as testament to my sorrows

Waiting for the waves, gone still just like the breeze.

They no longer embrace my shores or sing to me.

Will they ever return to wash my sorrow away?

How could I know that love would be as fickle as the wind?

Blowing away just as quickly as it came,

I desperately tried to cling to it, but who

Can hold onto something that was never really there?

You were a mirage that left only a terrible chill and an empty void…

My one chance was gone, and once wasted,

It forever passes you by…

And that’s the cruel reality of life,

My heart still aches with loneliness, it still hurts to cry.

Yesterday is just another word for memories,

And for me yesterday is what once existed between us,

Memories I now know will never return.

But then, what good are memories

When they are not worth holding onto?

I’m afraid to fall in love again,

I fear the sadness, the pain of rejection,

I fear watching dreams once again vanish into thin air…

That I should have to wait again,

For a chance at love that might never return…

But enough, is enough,

I can’t go on like this, I shouldn’t have to.

No one should suffer at the hand of another’s whims.

I refuse to suffer your memories anymore…..


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