Why do dogs like sticks so much?


Not only are sticks free, they’re also readily available, biodegradable and fun for our four-legged friends who like to fetch, gnaw and parade around with them.

For some pooches, the stick’s allure may come from its texture, which feels good to chomp on, but this is not recommended as splinters can harm. For others, it’s a breed thing. Cocker spaniels and labradors, for example, have been selectively bred to retrieve and carry things.

For many though, it’s just fun. Once they learn that ‘stick = splendid playtime with my human’, many dogs will go out of their way to source a good stick. Be aware that throwing sticks for your pup can lead to injuries, so vets recommend safer alternatives such as rubber sticks, or a dog-friendly frisbee.

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Asked by: Sarah Hartley, Devon

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