Zoom Unveils Features That Allows Integration With Third-Party Tools



Zoom is expanding the functions of its virtual call and meeting as a multipurpose platform that processes versatile commands — introducing Zoom Events and Zoom App that functions autonomously under a single umbrella. This feature has globally rolled out to serve its dedicated purposes according to users’ preferences.

Zoom Event is a sub-platform that assists its users to host events that require a large multitude of guests whereby this platform can remotely market your invitation tickets to potential attendees. The virtual company noted they intend to distribute these tickets without deducting their commission for this service.

For contrast, you can customize your hub world within Zoom virtual services which are supposed to be detailed about the scheduled event. This also comes with chat accessibility that allows your potential attendees to seek possible inquiries.

This Event feature also rolls out with OnZoom — a virtual event platform dedicated to small-scale businesses that serve the purpose of an online marketplace that processes virtual transactions. Although Zoom made it worth noting this feature is yet to be fully developed and it is available in a beta version which depicts it is finite.

On the other hand, Zoom App is another sub-platform within the virtual world that is integrated with third parties — it displays at the top right tab of Zoom call. According to Zoom, this platform has enough apps available for quick access, such as Pexel background apps, Asana, and other games.

The feature is exclusive for the latest version of Zoom Client — once you are on an active call, you will be able to download and install apps via this App tab — it is located on an ongoing video call toolbar. Zoom Client is designed for corporate affairs whereby your company administrator will have to authenticate this feature on your behalf.

Zoom App is accessible via third parties since app storage platforms like the Apple App store restrict its apps to host a gallery for games & apps while still under its service — else these platforms make theirs accessible via third parties.

Zoom has reportedly developed these features such as Zoom App and OnZoom since the previous October, while Zoom Event was introduced this year.


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